Azizi Gibson – High

[Verse 1]
It might be easy on the other side
Not here
Maybe you’ll understand some other time
Get real
You saw the streams when we expected life
Then ran away to a place we’ll never find
Oh you thought I would forget
Oh you thought I would forget
All of them lies that you spread to my friends
Now they all caught up
You said you was fine but you judging again
What should we call that?
Hands on the vibe but you turn on your kin
I see an error in your format
There is no way we can trust you again
Really after all that
All of them lies you told to my friends
We won’t forgive you for it
Cuz we was patient while you motherfuckers still ignored us
And we was tryna fight the system, you was begging for it
Everybody got together, we was ready for it
The government is going down in all kind of sorts
I’m here to tell you how it’s going down
We don’t want no violence just hear us out


[Verse 2 x2]
Got me like "Good God!"
I can’t go, I let go
I’m a G, I’m a soldier
Got my trucks on the ground, I’m an OG
Funny, everybody used to judge me by the old me
Lord help me
Ha! I can’t see
But I know I’m about to be on TV
Cuz they understand that’s who were going be
Stop believing in your time
Stop depending on speed [?]
Lord help me!

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